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Tai Chi Chuan

 Tai Chi is a based on the taoist warer method
tai chi chuan, taiji

Tai Chi Chuan was developed as an "internal" martial art, a combination of health oriented Chi Gung or energy development practices, Taoist philosophical principles and the fighting movements of external martial arts. Tai Chi Chuan, particularly Wu style also serves as a vehicle for Taoist meditation. Today throughout the world Tai Chi Chuan is practiced primarily as a health art and meditative art although a smaller percent of practitioners study it as a martial art. Tai Chi Chuan was developed using the concepts of Tai Chi which is the arising and  harmonious interplay of Yin - Yang and therefore offers many valuable lessons for all aspects of life. At the Center for Internal Arts the focus is on Tai Chi Chuan for health, meditation and as a way to develop coordination and power in movement. Applications of Tai Chi Chuan as a martial art is also taught.

master kc mao, chen style tai chi
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