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Tai Chi Chuan
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Steve Barowsky

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The Fist Section of The Wu Style Long Form

This course is an introduction to Wu-style T'ai Chi, which is one of the widely practiced forms of T'ai Chi. It has compact, precise, circular whole body movements. These movements are based on highly developed body mechanics and energy flows directed by mind intent. Learn the first nine movements of this form in this course. This practice is beneficial for the body, mind and spirit.

This class is offered through Olli at UTEP 

 To sign up contact Olli 

915 747 6280  www.utep.edy/olli/

For more information about the content of the class contact Steve Barowsky

Group classes are currently available in Las Cruces New Mexico

Private instruction for individuals or small groups can be arranged in the

El Paso - Las Cruces area

Stress reduction workshops can. be arranged for you organization or group

Yang Style Tai Chi Long Form 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

 Gods Playing in the Clouds 10:15 - 11:15 AM

Gods Playing In The Clouds is the ultimate mind body exercise. It is a six part Taoist

Chi Gung set and an exquisite moving meditation. It is the source for the inner work of Tai Chi and other internal arts

$60 for four classes

Gods Playing in the Clouds is a Nei Gung system taught to me by Master Bruce Frantzis

For more information click the link. below


This is the most efficient way towards self improvement. Classes are tailored to your individual needs. These lessons can be in Wu, or Yang  style Tai Chi, Tai Chi push hands, Tai Chi two person form, Tai Chi Sword, Tai Chi Staff techniques, Chi Gung, Nei Gung, Meditation, Stress Reduction, Improving Balance. Bagua Circle Walking and Palm Changes
Private classes held at the Center For Internal Arts

$60 per hour for one person 

$75 per hour for a group of two

$90 per hour for a group for three 

$100 per hour for a group of four or more

At your location the price will vary with the distance

Margaret Chang Wu style Tai Chi sword class

Margaret Chang Teaching Wu Style  Tai Chi Sword

Tahiti, 1984 

tai chi two person staff image

Steve Barowsky

Tai Chi Staff Posture



Push hands is an integral part of Tai Chi training.

Push Hands are the partner training exercises of Tai Chi. In this class we will work on the basic fixed step partner patterns in a relaxed cooperative way. We will apply the basic principles of Tai Chi to relax, to maintain our center and to stay with and not resist. The practices will help you understand and use the basic energies of Tai Chi - Pung, liu, gi and an in a practical way and to maintain your balance in changing situations. The class is appropriate for all ages.

Push hands is a body-mind practice with continuous feedback it will improve your tai chi and can be applied to all of life's many interactions. Oh, and also it really is fun.

Join Us For Three Saturday Mornings

In The Park across the street from the Mesilla  Community Center 2251 Calle De Santiago 

Mesilla, New Mexico

December 2, 9 and16

10:30am -1:30Pm

Cost 125 Dollars

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