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Tai chi application from the two person sparring form
wu style push hands



The push hand instructions at the Center for Internal Arts focus on developing skills to enhance quality of life. These skills include: Mindfulness, sensitivity to the energy and intentions of others, greater stability, the ability to manifest the power of mind and body through the four basic energies of Tai Chi Chuan, (Peng, liu, gi and ahn.), the ability to let go of internal resistance and change course fluidly and appropriately in a constantly changing situation. Push hands is the application of the principles of Tai Chi Chuan.
Wu style push hands
 is emphasized as passed down by Master Ma Yueh Liang and taught to me by Gerald Sharp. Including The five single hand methods, the basic doulble handed practice, the thirteen double handed stationary patterns and the five stepping patterns.
Master Bruce Frantzis methods of learning the core elements of push hands are also Taught
In addition we teach free style push hands and Da Lu 


San Shou

San shou is a choreographed two person form consisting of linked attack and defense applications from Tai Chi Chuan. This form is a continuation of the development of skills learned in push hands. It is a great way to get a better sense of your body and energy while moving through space. San Shou can help you understand the relationship between your mind-body and your partners in dynamic situations. It also makes a great form to practice on your own.

parting the wild horse mane tai chi application
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